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April 24, 2008

Club Penguin Newspaper

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Updated: I Removed the “Free Pixel Penguins Page” I was getting way to many orders ❗

Hey guys, The new Newspaper is out today and there is a few cool stuff in it.

Rockhopper Grand Return!

Club Penguin Will be Celabrating Rockhopper’s Return! Remember, Rockhopper’s Key will be hidden on March 28!

A Cool part of the Newspaper!

There is a cool page that shows you stuff Rockhopper Has Done!

Another Snap Shot:

Cool Isn’t it? I Can’t Wait for the party!

Also Rockopper Brought Back some free items!

I’m making a animation of the newspaper right now 🙂


New Sneak Peek

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April 23, 2008

Hey guys, Well Updated my site Well I’m starting new thing’s Now it will be much faster and funner Reading my Post! Well Anyway There’s a sneak peek on the Club Penguin Blog, About the new Room coming to Club Penguin! Coming out Friday  (View Sneak Peek Above) 😉

In other news….

Rockhopper Return’s Party is April 25, 2008 I know there will be free item’s and there will also be a new pin. Check with my site tomorrow to see the new newspaper and After I post it There’s something huge that is a fun thing to do but it also helps me get more hits.

Current Goal: 10,000 Hit’s By: December 31, 2008 We Need about ..1,834 Hit’s.. To Get This Goal!

Waddle on… ~Mixturey

One More Thing! If you want a banner Just Comment anywhere on my site Saying “Banner Fanner” And Tell me your site and your favorite Colours plus if you have any other regeust in this banner, Most of them are Antimated too.

April 21, 2008

Club Penguin Mission 7 Video Tour

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Hey guys. Sorry This is late, The Mission did not come out this morning and I had to go to school but Now I have it 😉 Here’s The video.

Mission 7 Video Tour:

This video Might not work, It’s Currently Processing.

Well Cya!

Mixturey 😉



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Banner Award’s

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Hey guys. I’m doing something really cool, If you add this banner below to your sidebar then you get…..

  1. To be my buddy forever!
  2. Be on my Blogroll forever
  3. Be entered to win a chance to become a perment member in Mix & Kurb Tv!
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  5. Me to tell you 2 Program’s I use for Video’s or aniamtions or Picture’s I’ll Pick

Do this and win all that but you must keep it on your blog forever or you lose these prize’s and there is a few more thing’s I will do but once you’ve added me there comment on this post with a link to your site and your email  (Don’t put it on the comment just where you put in the information like name website and email)

Here it is…….

And when your adding it to your site Copy and Paste This to have it in your sitebar: This Below…..

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There you go!



April 20, 2008

Become A Coffee & Tea Worker in Club Penguin??

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Hey guys. look at this new thing I found in club penguin. See this animation…….

How to do this

  1. Go to the Coffee Shop
  2. Click the sign that say’s “Coffee & Croissant”
  3. Then it should change, you can do this as many time’s as you’d like too.

Hope you liked it!

– Mixturey

Update: Please Subscribe my You Tube by Clicking Here.

April 18, 2008

New Club Penguin Catalog

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Hey guys, I logged on and was shocked this catalog is awesome! Heres the hidden Items….

Palm Tree:

To Do this go to the first Page then click on the palm Tree To get it!

Birthday Cake:

Click the Refregurator to get the Birthday Cake.

Big Screen Tv:

To get this click on the LCD Tv and then there’s the Big Screen!

My Favorite Item:

Isn’t’ This cool? I Though so It look’s awesome there’s a few other item’s I like also But That’s one of them

My Birthday party:

Tomorrow, I forgot to include that sorry 😦 But April 18,2008!


Mission 7 And Rockhopper!

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Hey guys, Well I might just remove the post below because I’ve found more information Please Read.

Tower Clock:

Well Something messed up with the tower clock! I think the werid stuff happening all have something to do with the new mission.

HQ Update:

It’s telling us to be prepared for the new mission! By the look’s this will most likely be a awesome mission!

Rockhopper Returning:

Finally! He returns! April 25, Followed by with a party to celibrarte he’s back! Wonder What he will have for us?


Well Cya For now.

– Mixturey

“Come back tomorrow for the new igloo catalog I already know what it is though…


April 17, 2008

Club Penguin Newspaper

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Hey guys, The new newspaper is out today Well Here it is…….

Clock’s Messed up:

Yep. The clock is going wild! Be sure to help fix it.

Rockhopper Event’s:

Upcoming Event’s in Cp……

Now, Think This is a cool month! Well I sure think it is

– Mixturey

April 16, 2008

New Sneak Peek’s!

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Hey guys. On the Club Penguin Blog there is a few new sneak peek’s here they are

Mission Sneak Peek:

Cool Isn’t it? I think This will be a cool mission they’ve given us two sneak peek’s Already!

Igloo Sneak Peek:

I think this will be a cool igloo, Don’t you? It look’s Awesome and usally we don’t get sneak peek’s on new igloo’s This could be a porpular new igloo.


I’ll Post if I see anything new In a few minute’s I’ll have a party invite ready. Stay Tunned!

Club Penguin comes to the United Kingdom!

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Hello Everyone!

I’m Tiristern of the Club Penguin Mythbusters, and I’m a New Admin Here! Anyways….

Club Penguin has officially opened its office in the United Kingdom, and will be celebrating at the ZSL London Zoo in Early May!

Here are the details:

When: May 3, 11 a.m – 4 p.m.
Where: ZSL London Zoo, London, England/United Kingdom
Who: Everyone is Invited (It’s Free!)
What: You get to feed real penguins, Free Access to the Zoo (All Visitors Free of Charge), and more fun stuff!

Hint: A Real Penguin-Costume Contest! D

For those of you obsessed with Cyber Space, this is in the real world, not on Club Penguin. Please don’t be too addicted to your computer. It is extremely unhealthy! XD

Anyways, Waddle On!

Tiristern Signature

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